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So, what’s all this about templates for sale, After Effects and stuff? Here’s a quick guide to get you started.


1 – “First of all, what is a template?”


A template is a pre-built structure that allows you to enter the final touches to make it your own.

Let’s say you want a cool video for your website, your Youtube channel, the promotion of your new product, etc. Using a template is like having 90% of the video done (all the hard stuff!) and the 10% left is just putting your own text, your pictures and your logo. And not just that: most templates offer customizing panels that allow you to change the color of things, remove elements you don’t like or change the order of the different sequences.

2 -“Where do I start?”


Let’s use a practical example

Let’s use a free template as an example: Down here you’ll be able to download a -zip- file with the professional template “Get Social“. It’s a clean short video that will allow you to share your social media information. You can upload it to Youtube or Vimeo and embed it on your site or just place it at the end of the video you already made.

[infobox] Download “Get Social” [/infobox]
Contents of the zip
  • Get Social.aep ( After Effects Project )
  • Video_Tutorial.mov ( an useful guide )
  • Footage ( a folder with all the pictures and icons used )
  • Readme.txt (copyright info, etc)
  • Bebas Font (a link for the font used)

3 -“How do I put my information in the video?”


Using Adobe After Effects

The template of the video is in the .aep file, which means it’s built with Adobe After Effects. To open it, and to insert your information, you need to have it! Adobe is one of the big companies out there creating software as famous as Photoshop or Premiere. After Effects is just another one in the family.

[infobox] Go to Adobe to download After Effects [/infobox]

4 – “I don’t know how to use After Effects”


Do not worry

Since 90% of the video is already made, the things left to do are really easy. Plus: you get a video tutorial that will guide you step by step. Watch here the video tutorial for Get Social:


5 -You just made it



Now you have a cool video with your own social data in it, ready to be used in the way you prefer. In the 30 days left of After Effects trial period you might want to consider buying some pro templates that will create amazing videos. Go to the Store and look around!

[infobox] Check the store [/infobox]

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